Week 9: Japan!!

When I was in Six grade, my mom, my sister and I went to Japan during spring break. I really appreciated my travel for different reasons. First, I discovered a lot from the country and it’s culture. Second, the country on itself is very beautiful. Third, the Japanese are really friendly and welcoming. During my Travel that was mainly around Tokyo, I went in traditional Hotels,


really cool museums,


and beautiful temples and parcs.


*All pictures were taken by my Mother


We had a lot of chance because we came at the exact time for the Hanagi, Japanese word for cherry Blossoms time. As we went in streets and parks, we saw pink everywhere, these flowers being really appreciated by the Japanese people. People then  had snacks in the streets under the trees. Added to this, the people made pink decorations everywhere. At some point in the travel, we went to a city in the mountains in the North of Tokyo. There the pink mixed with the white of the snow left from the last winter.

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One of the museums I have appreciated was the technology museum of Miraikan. There I discovered a lot of stuff about new discoveries and inventions. One of those was the robot Asimo, one of the smartest on Earth. Another interesting concept was huge Ball with screens on it that was showing the Earth on live. Something else was a copy of the Japanese part in the International Space Station, a man-made satellite.


I learned a lot in Japan, and every time I discovered something else I was so happy. Have you ever felt this too? When?

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